Veronica Kretchmer

  • Cultivation
  • Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • Apr 16, 2022
Full time Cultivation

Personal Summary

I been working in the cultivation dispensary department for over 4 years. I have been through various titles from beginner of a trimmer that I excelled through assistant dry room supervisor to now Grower 3 and Lead in IPM of pesticides. My experience of learning through all various stages of the cannabis has given me a lot of skills by training and leading a team. As well bringing ideas, new techniques and ongoing communication with management to improve the gardens. I am depended on my background of various departments teaching teammates and new management. I am highly recognized with my years being in various departments of cannabis from cloning, veg stage, flower, dry room and trimming.

Work Experience

Cultivation Grower
Nov 2022 - Airfield Supply Company
Cultivation Grower 3 & Lead IPM
Lead IPM management protocols: Train and lead growers/sprayers for there tasks: Ongoing communication with management for deadline tasks for all veg and flower gardens within the departments: Canopy management: Prune/Leaf/Cut Techniques applied through veg and flower stages. Set up & take down garden rooms: Harvest gardens through the metric system
Assistant Dry Room Supervisor
Process dry flower buck and weigh in bags and bins: Hang dry flower: Maintain sanitation protocols in the dry room


Bachelor Degree
Aug 2022 - Jun 2015 CSUS