Daniel Wentworth

  • Web Developer
  • Athens, GA, USA
  • Jun 01, 2022
Full time Engineering

Personal Summary

I am a web developer for the University of Georgia. I've been programming since 2009. I love art, music, and mountain biking. My current role is that of a web developer for a small team of glycobiologists. Our tools allow users to create 3D models of carbohydrates that can be used in simulations. I favor the frontend: I am formally trained in the principles of design, and I have deep compassion for the experience of the user.

I have been asked to manage a small team recently, and that has been extremely rewarding. We have been making great strides as we move our legacy code base to a more modern system.

I love my current job. However, being in academia, there is little demand for us to keep up with the latest advances in modern frameworks. I would love an excuse to push myself into new directions. My current team uses a Javascript/Python stack using the Django framework, largely due to Python's ubiquitous nature in the sciences. I love our stack, but I am interested to explore the advantages of more modern frameworks like Node, Angular, etc. I have made a few little side projects that leverage Node/Express, and I loved these experiences. It was refreshing to be able to bypass polling logic, thanks to server pushes via sockets.

If you are looking for that team member who is looking to build people up, and never tear people down, I am a great candidate. I work hard, I favor evidence-based decision making, and I love the problem solving that goes with the job. 

Work Experience

Web Developer
Sep 2016 - Jun 2022 University of Georgia

● Supervision and project management for new employees.

● Frontend design and implementation of all interfaces on test.glycam.org.

● Refactoring legacy Javascript and Python logic to implement MVC and DRY

principles using the Django framework.

● Ensure a responsive design for the website for tools that are useful in mobile


● Develop reusable Django apps that provide site-wide unity of visual and logical


● Transition website code from prototype to production quality code that utilizes

a JSON API to our science libraries.

● Design icons that communicate complex scientific concepts while minimizing

language barriers.

● Create animated tutorials demonstrating the function of web tools that limit

language barriers. This includes storyboarding, asset creation and organization,

composition, editing, and rendering.

● Audio editing and recording.

● Testing suite design.

● Training and documentation. For both users and developers.

● Django system maintenance.

Technical Intern
Jun 2015 - Jun 2016 Cogent Education

● Exposed to the full production cycle at a small startup with an Agile culture.

● Whiteboarding for several digital science case studies aimed at high school


● Storyboarding for the same case studies.

● Digital page layout in the Unity game engine, using Cogent Education’s custom

GUI library.

● Logic for molecular simulations in C#.

● GIT, using the SourceTree interface.

● Alpha and beta testing.

● Bug ticket tracking via Jira.

● Technical support for artists and scientists.

Java Programmer, Head of Certification
May 2009 - May 2014 Partner Software

● Developed in the Eclipse IDE, using Subversion and Java.

● Developed an Automatic Vehicle Locator tool that read sequential data and put

truck icons on distributed digital maps, along with the truck’s data.

● Developed a tool that allows users to attach files to elements in digital maps.

● Integrated various data types with digital maps, including GIS databases, CSV,

flat files, MySQL, and NMEA data strings.

● Developed support and production tools in Java, Python, Beanshell, and Groovy

programming languages.

● Designed and implemented GUIs for enhanced editing of XML, CSV, and custom


● Designed and implemented a support certification program. Certification

candidates were new hires and third-party consultants who served rural

electrical cooperatives.

● Provided onsite training for more than 30 electrical cooperatives across the

South and the East Coast. The subjects were integrating data with digital maps,

and programming within the Partner platform, so customers could extend the

software they used.

● Wrote the Map Publisher User Manual.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D Animation
Aug 2014 - Aug 2016 Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
Associate Degree in Computer Science
Sep 2007 - May 2009 Athens Technical College
Certified Massage Therapist
Jan 1998 - May 1999 Cayce Reilly School of Massotherapy